Quicksilver Turbocharged Direct Injection SAE5W-30 Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil 4L


Quicksilver Maine Lubricants – Turbocharged Direct Injection Diesel Engine Oil 4L.

For use in Mercury Diesel engines and other diesel manufacturers.

Meets Volkswagen VW 504.00/507.00 and ACEA C3.

Most recommended marine oil brand.

Optimizes engine performance in marine applications because this stable, stay-in-grade formula resists thermal breakdown and oxidation under extreme conditions.

  • Protect anti-pollution systems.
  • Increase the life of diesel particulate filters (DPF).
  • Provide outstanding wear and corrosion protection which will help extend engine life.


DO NOT use in any two-cycle engines.

Do not pollute. Return used oil to collection center.

Packaged Weight 4.517 kg
Packaged Dimensions 26 × 30 × 11.43 cm