Mercury Premium Plus Synthetic 2-Stroke Engine Oil 3.78L


Mercury Precision Lubricants Premium Plus 2-Stroke Engine Oil: Synthetic Blend 3.78L

Extreme Protection: Mercury’s exclusive formulation protects today’s high-horsepower outboards.

Continued use of Mercury Premium Plus 2-Stroke Oil will:

  • Provide outstanding wear and corrosion protection.
  • Reduce carbon build-up in exhaust system.
  • Reduce harmful deposits in combustion chamber.
  • Help maintain peak engine performance and fuel economy.

Blended with the highest quality of ashless dispersants.

Meets all outboard and PWC manufacturers’ recommendations for use of TC-W2 and TC-W3 oils in premix or oil injected 2-stroke applications.

Provides warranty protection for Mercury, Mariner, Force, Jet Drive and Sport Jet 2-stroke engines.

Packaged Weight 3.57 kg
Packaged Dimensions 38.74 × 19.69 × 31 cm