Mercury SAE25W-40 Mineral Blend 4-Stroke Marine Engine Oil 3.78L


Mercury Precision Lubricants 4-Stroke Marine Engine Oil -SAE 25w-40 Mineral Blend 3.78L

For use in 4-cycle outboard, sterndrive and inboard engines, superior corrosion protection and most recommended OEM marine engine oil.

Mercury 4-Stroke Marine Engine Oil outperforms automotive oils in marine applications because of its specialized additive package designed for marine engines.

Continued use of this oil will:

  • Provide outstanding wear and corrosion protection which helps extend engine life.
  • Maintain peak engine performance and reliability.
  • Eliminate thermal breakdown under extreme rpm, temperatures and loads.

This oil will not damage emissions systems and can be used in any marine engine equipped with or without a catalytic converter.

Exceeds oil requirements and FC-W Catalyst Compatible specifications for all marine manufacturers.

Use of this oil will not void manufacturer warranties.

Use Mercury Oil Filters for better performance, reliability and trouble-free operation.

Do not pollute. Return used oil to collection center.

Packaged Weight 3.788 kg
Packaged Dimensions 39.7 × 21 × 32 cm