Yamaha YAMALUBE TC-W3 2-Stroke Outboard Motor Oil 4L


Yamaha – YAMALUBE Outboard 2 Stroke Motor Oil TC-w3 4L

Yamalube 2 is a premium two stroke motor oil especially designed for:

  • Yamaha Outboard Motors requiring premix fuel in the ratio of 100:1.
  • Yamaha Outboard Motors equipped with precision blend oil injection systems.
  • Other two stroke engines, both air cooled and water cooled. Consult Manufacturer’s manual for lubrication requirements.

Formulated with ashless detergents for maximum performance and minimum ring sticking, piston burning, and spark plug fouling.

Minimizes wear, rust and corrosion.

Packaged Weight 3.67 kg
Packaged Dimensions 11 × 21.5 × 28 cm
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