Mercury Quickleen Engine & Fuel System Cleaner (355mL)


Mercury Precision Care – Quickleen Engine & Fuel System Cleaner

Powerful Detergents safely and effectively remove harmful deposits, for all grades of gasoline and ethanol blends.

Improve the performance and longevity of your engine with Mercury trusted fuel care treatments.

Use QUICKLEEN throughout the boating season to:

  • Quickly and thoroughly remove carbon deposits from carburetors and injectors, intake valves, spark plugs, piston crowns and cylinder heads.
  • Prevent engine knocking and piston seize-up.
  • Extend spark plug life.

This product does not contain fuel stabilizers. Use with Quickare to prevent fuel breakdown and oxidation.

Packaged Weight 0.3592 kg
Packaged Dimensions 27.62 × 20.96 × 21.59 cm